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Filled Up or Fed Up: Megan Larmer

Megan Larmer is co-president of Slow Food Chicago, a founding board member of the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project, a restaurant professional, and a newly minted Master Gardener. In 2010 she was a delegate to Slow Food International’s Terra Madre conference.

AE: Filled up or fed up?

ML: Let’s start with what I am fed up with.

AE: Okay.

ML: I am fed up with this fabricated issue of elitism or class warfare in the current food movement – that eating local or eating organic somehow makes someone more privileged. It’s just not true – and this mentality ultimately hurts the movement and its progress. As Slow Food teaches us, it comes down to good, clean and fair food. No need to over-politicize or over-complicate things. (more…)

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