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Legislative Update from Wes King at the Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Legislative Update: A two week spring break around the Easter holiday has come and gone for both the Illinois General Assembly and the United States Congress. Here in Illinois at the General Assembly spring break represents a half-way point, legislation that didn’t garner enough support to make it through the original chamber (House or Senate) from which it started in is generally dead. The Illinois General Assembly then uses the remaining time, April through the end of May, to deal with the state’s budget and any legislation from before spring break that was able to find enough support from lawmakers to pass out of its original chamber. Below you will find some highlights from the Illinois General Assembly since the last update I sent out, as well as some timely updates on the 2012 Farm Bill. (more…)

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The Farm Bill: A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

Did you know the Farm Bill is up for renewal this year? Take a look at this shocking graphic courtesy of Wes King, Policy Coordinator at the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.In other words, the government is in bed with big agribusiness, and so things like public health and protecting the environment take a back seat to profits. Get involved and demand your politicians do something different this year with the Farm Bill. Also, vote with your dollar and choose not to spend your money with big agribusiness.

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