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Photography from Urban Farm Tour

As part of the Good Food Festival and Conference, I got on a bus Saturday morning and got the privilege to visit four urban agricultural hotspots on the west side of Chicago: Windy City Harvest, Growing Power, The Plant, and Growing Home.

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Food and Farming 101

Plants need water, earth and sun to grow. They have a life cycle. Early spring is typically when it gets warm enough to plant things and have them start growing. If you live in a warmer climate where it’s sunny year-round, then you will have more frequent access to fresh produce. This is why lots of the produce you see in the store comes from places like southern California, Texas and Mexico where they can grow a steadier crop supply. And everything is flipped in the Southern Hemisphere, so you can get nice produce during their summer while it’s winter here. This cycle ends with harvest time and an abundance of great food, as we reap the rewards of the growing season before it gets cold again. (more…)

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