Restaurant Review: Local Root

File my review of Local Root under “The Little Engine That Could”. This little gem in Streeterville may not be grabbing the spotlight like other supposedly “Good Food” eateries, but just you wait! Local Root is bringing a delightful menu with locally sourced ingredients to a neighborhood that desperately needs more conscious eating choices. I was very pleased to see the transformation and, really, the resurrection of that location (it previously was a dreadful deli that deserved to die!). Local farms, craft beer, gluten-free options, organic preferences, substantial wine list, pour-over coffee, small plates, brunch and lunch and dinner – you name it, the place has got it covered. And it’s delicious! The sandwiches are crafted with a good harmony of flavors…like tender beef brisket with fresh pickles. I also recommend the fries and the accompanying trio of dipping sauces. Speaking of fries, the dinner menu includes no less than 5 varieties of poutine! Behind the scenes, Local Street is a zero-waste restaurant and integrates many recycled and re-purposed elements. In other words, this place is fighting the good fight in the world of bad, industrial food and deserves to be supported. We need more Local Roots!

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