Photo Gallery: FED UP gets caffeinated with Blue Plate Catering and Counter Culture

What started as a harmless, yet educational discussion about the finer points of coffee led to a full-blown field trip to learn more about the addictive, hot, caffeinated, brown beverage. Counter Culture offers various courses on coffee including cupping – the artful process of sniffing, slurping, and grading coffee. I was talking over a cup coffee (but, of course!) with my friend who works at Blue Plate, one of the more well-known caterers in Chicago, that we should go to a cupping. The next thing I knew she had invited the entire company! So on a pleasant Monday morning in May, FED UP and Blue Plate made the pilgrimage to Counter Culture to partake in the ritual of cupping. Fig photographer Tim Musho was there to document the experience…and to get buzzed with the rest of us!

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