Pasta with Ground Turkey and Scapes

The last time I was at the farmer’s market, I saw a unique treat – scapes. Don’t know what a scape is? It’s the flowery end of a garlic bulb…and they are tasty. They are somewhere between a garlic and a green onion.

For a really simple meal, I cut up the scapes and sauteed them with olive oil and with salt and pepper. I then combined them with ground turkey (which I had already browned) and corkscrew quinoa pasta (any chunky pasta will do). When your ingredients are fresh and local, you don’t have to do too much. Let the natural flavors sing!

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  1. Scapes! One of summer’s little secrets- great idea with the gournd turkey, Iwill have to try it next year when the scapes are in season.

    I really like them sliced thin, like a green onion, and scrambledup in my neighbor’s farm fresh organic eggs, couple it with some sourdough toast, and you have breakfast heaven.

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