I am fed up with…

Idolizing chefs. And I am not attacking chefs…per se. I am more upset about the consequences. We have made food – and more specifically – eating at certain restaurants a status symbol. You are cool if you have eaten at “x” restaurant. “What do you mean you have never eaten at “y”?!? Are you some kind of heathen that lives under a rock?” The chef scene and the hype about the next, new restaurant has divided us to the have’s and the have not’s. The cool kids and the losers. The “in” crowd and everyone else. You could even extend this division to the elite 1% and the rest of the struggling 99%. Only the privileged can afford to stay in the “in” crowd and try all of the hot, new restaurants. Big money feeds the machine and the egos. I want food and the act of eating it to be more inclusive and egalitarian. Everyone should have access to good, healthy food; everyone should have a seat at the table. Do we need a caste system in dining? That’s my problem with the celebrity chefs and the apparent cult of personalities. It distracts from real food issues. Our food system is corrupt and harmful to us and to the planet. There are grave injustices to a basic human need – the need to eat in order to stay alive. Why the fuck would I care about Gordon Ramsey then? Dropping easily $1000 at Alinea for dinner, how does that make the world a better place? How is following Top Chef going to end the epidemic of food-related diseases facing kids and adults alike? How is following David Chang on Twitter going to stop toxic pesticides and soil erosion in our broken farming system? Tell me.

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