Guest Blog: Sarah Najera

I was contacted by the Director of Academic and Career Planning at Alma College. She was bringing a group of students to Chicago to conduct informational interviews. Sarah Najera was one such student and she was interested in talking to people regarding food and sustainability. That’s why I was contacted. In return for my time, I asked her to submit something for my blog reflecting on her Chicago experience and the conversations she had about food and sustainability. Here it is!

After talking with several professionals involved in food sustainability, this past week, I realized that my passion is to cook for people. I would like to do this in the future by taking care of the environment at the same time. Today, I am fed up of watching how people are wasting food in some parts of the world while in others people barely have enough food to eat. We are eating because we need it. However, are we eating the appropriate types of foods? In countries where food is available, people should ask themselves ‘what is the quality of food that we are consuming?’ In the end, the quality of food—primarily prepackaged food: frozen, pre-maid, and fast food—are not helping us survive, instead they are affecting our health. We are not eating to survive, we are eating more than what we should. In our diets we include a lot of carbohydrates and high fat products, leaving aside all the fruits and vegetables. We don’t prepare meals at home anymore; we usually eat something cheap outside of our house. We need to open our eyes and realize that all these new trends are the ones causing “modern diseases” like: diabetes, hypertension, obesity and many others.

What fills me up is people working together towards the benefit of the environment and society. I love to cook with organic and locally grown food for my family and friends. Hearing that they love the taste of what they are eating and knowing that we are not devastating the earth, is what makes it such a special occasion.

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