Film Review: Queen of the Sun

Simply put: go see this documentary film. It beautifully illustrates the delicate interconnectedness between bees and the rest of the planet in a very poetic and encompassing way. Most “environmental documentaries” are powerful because they provide visuals to the causes they are addressing. After watching Food, Inc. – I changed my diet. Queen of the Sun has an even greater impact because it’s such a well-constructed movie. I don’t like the idea of getting stung, but my wife and I were dreaming about raising bees after seeing the film! The director Taggart Siegel found the most engaging beekeepers and other bee advocates to tell the story of colony collapse disorder. Basically, bees up and leave their homes and we don’t know why. The documentary explores multiple answers including monocultures, insecticides and the use of other harmful chemicals, and the damage done by the commercial breeding of bees. Indeed, anyone just getting into the environmental implications of our current food system would benefit from watching this film. It does a nice job of covering a lot of staple topics like GMOs, organic vs. conventional, and others. What takes this film over the top, though, is how it hits transcendental notes like art, philosophy, and spirituality. The film’s tagline is “what are the bees telling us?” – apparently quite a lot. So be careful – the call to action is beyond persuasive. You will want to help out those little, fuzzy guys.

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