Filled Up or Fed Up: Rita Gutekanst

Rita Gutekanst is co-owner of Limelight Catering and Board Member for the Green City Market. In other words, she is a big advocate of local and tasty food. So I figured she would be a good candidate for the “filled up or fed up” quiz. In the end, I found out she is mostly filled up!

AE: Filled up or fed up?

RG: Filled up! The beauty of a Chicago spring/summer/fall is that a whole world of food you can see, touch and sample is available to us. The farmers market gives you a sense of community where you can meet the growers and vendors and see just how local your food can be. Last night I had friends over and we ate a completely local meal that had more flavor than you’ll ever find anywhere:

Quinoa Salad with snap peas, herbs, goat cheese and beets (Nichol’s Farm and Capriole)
Mixed lettuces, Arugula, breakfast radishes from Green Acres with cherry balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled Lamb from Mint Creek Farms
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Oatmeal topping

All from Green City Market purveyors…I might add.

Just walking thru the market makes you want to plan a meal to share with your friends and family. It’s the bounty of the season that is so exhilarating.

AE: I totally agree. But, come on, surely you have a rant about something – like what about portion sizes? They are ridiculous nowadays.

RG: But I’m not fed up with portion sizes in restaurants! Because they are always too big for one person its great when you and a friend can order a salad and an entrée to split
and you feel as though you’ve saved money. Then you aren’t too full to order dessert.

From a caterers point of view we prefer to offer a variety of dishes and we keep in mind just how much a person can consume. Better to have a higher quality of product even if the portion is a bit smaller.

AE: You are so positive. Last chance, anything you are fed up with?

RG: Well, I AM fed up with disposable cups!  Why aren’t reusable cups attached at the hip?

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