Filled Up or Fed Up: Helen Cameron

Helen Cameron is the co-owner of Uncommon Ground. It has been operating for 20 years as a community-based restaurant (now two locations) that is committed to supporting local farmers and purchasing as locally and sustainably as possible, while educating guests on the importance of a thriving, healthy local food system.

AE: What are you fed up with?

HC: You ask a very loaded question.

AE: No small questions here!

HC: I am fed up with the fact that in America we do not know if the food we are eating is genetically modified. At the moment, the only way a consumer can know for certain that no GMO’s are in the ingredient list is if it is certified Organic.

AE: What’s the deal with GMO’s?

HC: There are many arguements currently raging as to the pros and cons of GMO’s in our food stream. I won’t get into that here. What concerns me most are the GMO’s that have herbicides and pesticides inherent in the plant.  The biggest crops like this are corn and soybeans and a majority of manufactured foods include all manner of ingredients produced from these crops. There’s something about the idea of consuming something that has a measure of poison inherent to it that makes me shudder with distaste. I personally do not want to consume it, nor do I want to offer this to our “uncommon” guests for consumption.  I simply do not want to provide a market for GMO’s as I do not really consider them FOOD.

AE: As a “uncommon” guest myself, I love your position. And I love your food!

HC: At Uncommon Ground, we spend a great deal of time and effort locating local, sustainable and organic foods that we are proud to serve our guests.  As we are becoming more aware of the items that harbor hidden GMO’s such as our soft drinks (high-fructose corn syrup) and salad oil, we are working to find healthier alternatives.  It is a game of hide and seek–one that we should not have to play in order to know what is in our food.  It is the consumer’s right to know!

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