Filled Up or Fed Up: Dan Rosenthal

Dan Rosenthal has been in the hotel and restaurant business for over 45 years developing such restaurants as Harry Caray’s, Trattoria No. 10, Poag Mahone’s and the Sopraffina MarketcaffĂ© concept. He is also the co-founder of the Green Chicago Restaurant Co-op, a 300-member organization dedicated to bringing green products and services to Chicago at reasonable prices. In no time at all, I could tell he is fed up with many things!

AE: What are you fed up with?

DR: For starters, I am fed up with rampant mislabeling by the food industry. They will put words like “all natural” or “artisan” which are very misleading for the consumer. There are no legal definitions for these terms, and are used to fool people into thinking they are actually buying something that’s good for them.

AE: Yes, and…

DR: And I am fed up with our government. How is anything supposed to get accomplished when major lobbyist dollars are interfering with the democratic process? And they don’t have their priorities straight. Not allowing the poor to use food stamps to buy soda?!?

AE: Well…

DR: I am fed up with agribusiness.

AE: Uh-huh…

DR: I am fed up with chefs that don’t do their homework and don’t find out where their product comes from. If it says grass-fed, you better make sure it’s really grass-fed.

AE: Like…

DR: I am fed up with the City of Chicago. For instance, passing ordinances to certify green businesses in which the standards are so low as to be ineffectual.

AE: Ah..

DR: How’s that? There’s my Top 5!

AE: I think that about covers it.

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One Response to Filled Up or Fed Up: Dan Rosenthal

  1. Lynn says:

    Dan. Thank you! I too am fed up!
    I work for a luxury property who recently opened a “farm to table” concept restaurant on the property. I was ecstatic to collaborate on such a commendable mission, only to find the final product was anything but “green” or farm to table. I recently mentioned farm to table doesn’t mean the food came from a farm somewhere in the world. It is heartbreaking to know the community is falling for the same misleading label, “farm to table” label as the food industry’s “natural” label.

    Of course, if asked, I tell the truth about the sourcing of our food. People have a right to know.

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