Fed Up with the Farm Bill

I suppose it’s a good thing we revisit the Farm Bill every 5 years. It’s good to keep the topic in front of the public every so often. Otherwise, the sheer idiocy of the Farm Bill would go unnoticed, and there would be no general awareness or call to action to make it different. I am going to be a bit grandiose and say that just about everything health and food issue facing America today is caused by the Farm Bill. We, as taxpayers, give our money over to the government who, in turn, hands it over to food corporations and insurance companies to maintain a bloated, corrupt system. It’s built to keep a profit machine running for these companies, and it has very little to do with the actual integrity of the food coming from our farms, or the well-being of humans and of the environment. I don’t want my tax dollars going to subsidies for high fructose corn syrup that’s making everyone fatter and causing the number of kids with diabetes to skyrocket . I don’t want my tax dollars to fund mammoth monocultural farms that add toxin after toxin into our ecosystem. I would like the taxes pooled by my government to do good things – novel idea, right? What if we subsidized nutrient-rich produce and made it cheaper to eat organic kale chips than Doritos? What if we invested in engineering projects like vertical farms and aquaponics to transform our urban decay into revitalized sustainable food sources? Get educated, contact your congressman, vote with your dollar – we need to break up the cozy, incestuous lovefest between our government and Big Ag that’s reflected in the current Farm Bill.

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