Externalized Costs

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it:

Obviously, there are a lot implications and parallels to the food industry. One, it’s a cycle and so there is an inter-connectivity to all the steps – from the creation of the food to getting into your belly. If you use harsh chemicals like pesticides, there are repercussions for the soil, for example. And there are repercussions to those pesticides getting into your food and ultimately into your body. Two, at about 8 minutes, she talks about externalized costs. When I heard this, my eyes were really opened. Think about the boneless wings you see at 7 Eleven roughly priced at $1.00 a piece. You think about the journey from a chicken feed lot to the convenience store, from a living being to a bite-size morsel covered in sauce. No way that transformation only costs $1.00. And yet I bet 7 Eleven is making a profit. So who’s really paying the price? Hard working people and the environment, perhaps?

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