Congratulations Uncommon Ground!!!

San Francisco, you are pretty cool. Nice weather, year-round farmers markets, cutting-edge culinary ideas, and awesome local cuisine.

Vermont, I tip my hat to your entire state. You are a dream for localvores.

But, ladies and gentlemen, Chicago has you all beat. We are now home to the Greenest Restaurant in America (read the press release) – Uncommon Ground.

And Uncommon Ground‘s sustainability vision goes way beyond the local and organic trend. Organic rooftop gardening, beekeeping, energy-efficient light bulbs, solar energy, biodiesel, composting, zero-waste – just to name a few! And the owners Mike and Helen Cameron will be the first to tell you that going green also makes sound business sense. They epitomize the triple-bottom line thinking that should be at the core of any true sustainability action plan.

Awesome restaurant, inspiring mission – please support them and help them spread their trailblazing leadership in the food world.

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