I am fed up with…

Everything! Okay, not everything. That’s just shorthand, because I don’t know how to put my latest musings into words. I went to two events this week. One was a movie-dinner night at Uncommon Ground hosted by the Bioneers. The other was the annual Green City BBQ chef event. Both were revealing about the current food movement. The Bioneer event attracted an older, white crowd. The film was Food Patriots – a documentary about “patriots” finding their own solutions to counter the gross monstrosity that is industrial food. The filmmakers were very idealistic in using the film – and subsequent dialogue about it – to inspire more patriots. However, I was discouraged or perhaps cynical while looking at this mono-cultural crowd, and not seeing revolutionary patriots out there. Indeed, it was much like preaching to the choir. (more…)

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Guest Blog: Holly Rust

I know Holly through the hospitality industry. She recently told me she was taking a break from that world and focusing on her writing and her blog. Until then, I had no idea she had an alter ego and co-founder of the brilliant mothersguidetosanity.com. Of course, I had to ask her to contribute to my blog! She was kind enough to oblige. So, Holly, what are you fed up with…

I am fed up with having to do extensive research just to be able to give my kid food or a toy! When did buying things for your kids become a lesson in chemistry? I was shopping for a big boy bed the other day and ran across an article informing me there are dangerous chemicals in the frame and paint. Awesome, just what I need to buy my baby boy. There goes his batman bed. (more…)

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Thank you to all Desserts for Desserts Contributors

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