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Filled Up or Fed Up: Greg Christian

Greg Christian is on a mission to transform food service and event catering into more sustainable industries. He heads up his own consulting business, and is a founding member of B Corporation. He belongs to both Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC). He is currently helping to develop policies and procedures for APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange), an organization focused on best practices for meetings and events. If that wasn’t enough, Greg’s efforts as founder and developer of the Organic School Project (OSP) have been recognized on a national level. The Grow.Teach.Feed. model of OSP works to provide better food and food education to children in schools.

AE: Greg, what are you fed up with?

GC: I am fed up with school food being so crappy. And the people responsible for feeding the kids in school…administration, board members, and food service companies all going home every night saying, “Honey—I worked hard today.” (more…)

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Another year wiser – what did we learn in 2011?

As we enter 2012, let’s take a moment to look back at the lessons learned in 2011. I started this blog in June so it’s not a full year, but here are my top ten:

1. Vote with your dollar; if you want to dismantle the current food system, then send a message to corporations by telling them what you are willing to spend your money on

2. Strength in numbers; the green food movement is fragmented and needs to join together to be more powerful

3. There are no easy answers or quick fixes; the issues that go into our food choices are entangled and complex

4. Don’t believe the hype; we can feed the world’s bursting population with wholesome, organic foodstuff produced in sustainable ways

5. The 99%; the imbalance of wealth and resources is not sustainable, collapse and devastation are inevitable…but what will emerge from the ashes?

6. Externalized costs; just because you got your fast food meal under $5, don’t think for a moment that somebody else didn’t pay the cost for your bargain

7. Eat seasonally; yeah…there is nothing else to say!

8. Go Chipotle; if a fast-food joint can locally source its ingredients and use pastured-raised meat; then the rest of the pack should be able to do it, too

9. You can’t trust anyone; there has been so much mislabeling and greenwashing of food products that you should be skeptical of anything not produced right in front of your eyes

10. Sameness will kill us; the move toward monocultures and efficient food-producing systems has put us at risk and has endangered food species

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